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Hydraulic Excavator Practices September 2022

Prominerales Colombia Operator Training August 2022

Articulated Truck Practices July 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practices June 2022

Backhoe Loader Practices May 2022

Classroom and Online Training Process May 2022

Forklift Training May 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practices April 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Simulator Assembly Process April 2022

Reinforcement of Knowledge in Skid Steer Loader April 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practices Panama April 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practices April 2022

Use of hammer in limestone April 2022

Technique for raising and lowering a hydraulic excavator from a workbench April 2022

Safe Work Analysis (SBA) Front End Loader Practices March/April 2022

Front Loader Practices March/April 2022

Formation Process Hydraulic Excavator Prominerales Colombia March/April 2022

Front End Loader Classroom Training March 2022

Manuel David Zapata Cuartas, MAKRO Group graduate, now working for SP Ingenieros Ingenieros March 2022

Large Scale Machinery Projects March 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practice March 2022

Start of Classroom Training Diverse Machinery March 2022

Zijin Continental Gold Colombia Formation Process March 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practice: Slope Cutting, Embankment Creation and Berming March 2022

Preventive Maintenance Module March 2022

Practices Hydraulic Excavator March 2022

Practices Hydraulic Excavator (Dump Truck Load) March 2022

Start Skid Steer Loader Practices March 2022

Hydraulic Excavator Practices (Slope Cutting/Trench Excavation) February 2022

Machinery Inspection and Maintenance Module February 2022

Formation Process Zijin "Continental Gold" Colombia February 2022

Practices Backhoe February 2022

Miniloader Classroom Training February 2022

Start Practices Hydraulic Excavator February 2022

Hydraulic Systems Project February 2022

Large Scale Backhoe Manufacturing Projet February 2022

Large Scale Forklift Manufacturing Project February 2022