con total exito iniciaron cursos bajo convenio Grupo MAKRO y comfenalco antioquia noticias

MAKRO Group and Comfenalco Antioquia successfully started courses under agreement

November 03, 2021

(Press MAKRO Group) – Since last October a large group of young people began the Diploma in Hydraulic Excavator dictated in various municipalities of the city of Antioquia under the agreement signed between MAKRO Group and Comfenalco Antioquia.

This was announced by Catalina Cuervo, Manager of MAKRO Colombia, who indicated that the training school for heavy machinery operators is not only concerned with teaching the art of handling heavy vehicles, but also prepares professionals capable of recognizing the mechanical systems that compose them, as well as the entire control panel of the cab, application of the controls and the minimum and maximum ranges of operation.

At the end of the course, future operators will also have the ability to identify work risks and prevent accidents, avoiding damage to equipment, facilities and product, since one of the school’s premises is to focus on safety when handling heavy equipment, which is why, prior to the field practices, students undergo training in the Hydraulic Excavator Simulator.

It is important to mention that the occupation of heavy equipment operator is a solution for those who do not have the opportunity to enter higher education. However, this activity is in great demand in the Colombian labor market, where more and more trained and non-empirical personnel are required, who are certified in the handling of this type of machinery.

Finally, it should be noted that the agreement signed between MAKRO Group and Comfenalco Antioquia strengthens education focused on the handling of heavy machinery with quality in Colombia, with the realization of academic, teaching, research and service extensions.

Text and Photos: Grupo MAKRO

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