Industrial Security

> Certified Instructors

> Specialized Training

It provides specialized training through its certified instructors in different areas, and is registered with the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare.

In each course we propose the thematic content, duration and methodology, based on the needs and objectives to be achieved.

Courses we we offer

· Safety and Hygiene Commission. 

· Safe Forklift Operation

· Safe Operation of Lifting Platforms

· Safety in the Maintenance of Electrical Installations

· Manual Handling of Loads

· Work and Rescue at Heights

· Confined Space Work and Rescue

· Safe Operation of Boilers and Pressure Vessels

· Hot Work, Cutting and Welding

· Safe Operation of Cranes and Hoists

· Ergonomic risk factors at work NOM-036-1-STPS

· Personal Protective Equipment Selection, Maintenance and Determination

· Industrial Safety in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

· Safe Handling of Electrical Energy

· Risk Analysis

· Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

· Harmonized System NOM-018- STPS-2015

· Accident Investigation Techniques

· Analysis in machinery and equipment

· Hazardous Work Safety

Courses for brigade members in Civil Protection

The courses we teach for civil protection brigade members are focused on prevention, assistance and recovery of facilities in emergencies.

· Fire Prevention and Firefighting, Company and Practice Field

· First Aid

· Evacuation, Search and Rescue

· Communication

· Introduction to Civil Protection

· Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

· Internal Civil Protection Committees (ICPCs)

· First Contact Psychological Support APPC (Socioemotional Support Brigade)

· Special Support Groups (GAE)

. Preventive measures in case of an earthquake

. Risk identification and family emergency plan

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