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Comfenalco Antioquia and MAKRO Group join through a cooperation agreement that will have as its main objective the training in the operation of heavy machinery, marketing, export and import of heavy machinery for mining, housing and other fields related to the agricultural sector.

This alliance strengthens education focused on the handling of heavy machinery with quality in Colombia, with the realization of academic, teaching and research activities, as well as service extensions.

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Virtual Training. Operators with a minimum experience of 6 months. 80 working hours.


1. Educational and interactive platform where the student can download class material, forums and additional activities, quizzes and follow-up with notes, messages and library included.

2. Virtual sections with the instructor in charge.

3. Operator's manual..

4. Operator follow-up.

5. Certificate of competence and license.

Assessment, Retraining and Certification in the Operation of:

Backhoe Loader Crawler Excavator Bulldozer

Mini Loader Motor grade Front loader

Forklifts Articulated Truck Rigid Truck

Vibro compactor Farm Tractor Double Truck Dump Truck

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Short virtual courses of 60 hours. Thematic focused on the area of Maintenance.

Diesel Engine Maintenance

Basic Hydraulics

Automotive Mechanics

Caterpillar ET Electronic Technician

Mechanical failure analysis in mining equipment

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Technology outreach events with topics of interest. Intensity of 10 and 20 hours

Seminars in mining and civil works processes updating.

Certificates in heavy equipment safety.

Seminar by training teams. (Trucks, Excavators, Tractors, among others).

Certificates in defensive handling in mining processes.

Seminar on road safety.

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Professional consulting for companies in the construction and mining sector.

Semiannual follow-up by an expert and report of the company's work areas. Aimed at engineers and related professionals, supervisors, managers, inspectors..

Sustainable mining, productivity and safety at work.

IN HOUSE operator training programs.

Maintenance management

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Certificates and seminars, technology dissemination events. Intensity of 10 and 20 hours

Seminar on safety in heavy equipment operation (10 hours)

Seminar on maintenance of heavy equipment (20 hours).

Seminar on mining and civil works processes update (20 hours)

Certificates n productivity in the operation of heavy equipment (10 hours)

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Courses for inexperienced operators. Duration of 140 hours. Experienced operators. Duration 100 hours

Theoretical modules taught virtually, with an approximate duration of a month and a half.

After the contingency, the practice will be dictated individually in real machinery.

Platform to be used Q10, through video calls where all students can participate, and can interact directly with the teacher, also the classes are recorded and can be replayed again from a mobile device.

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You can request training directly or through your company.

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