For those companies that are looking for

different results!

For those companies

that are looking for

different results!


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Giovanni López V.

Specialized Consultant Makro Group

Pioneer of Neuroleadership in Colombia.

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  • Expert in Organizational Leadership and soft skills.
  • Pioneer of Neuroleadership® in Colombia.


16 years ago, after experiencing great dissatisfaction with traditional leadership training, he decided to prepare himself with the best leadership methods and processes. In order to achieve this, he requested and received the technology directly from Anthony Robbins.

In this way, he perfected his own method of cerebral self-learning to retain and apply information effectively; thus, he learned to transmit complex subjects in a simple and clear way to all kinds of professionals.

Throughout this time he has researched, interviewed and modeled strategies of hundreds of leaders. In addition, he has trained leaders in business associations, universities and different multinational companies. He has specialized in the intervention of work teams, creating 5 business leadership programs with a registered trademark: Neuroliderazgo®, Modeling Strategies®, Integrated Change System®, The Rebel Neurons®, Emotional Literacy®.

"Giovanni Lopez is a great representative of Anthony Robbins, he is a great specialist in all his technology. He has been studying it for many years, knows it in depth and has applied it in his life."
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Official Spanish translator for Antony Robbins

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Neuroleadership Applied to Security

The leadership system that accompanies your security system.

  • From command and control to influence
  • From normativity to safety awareness
  • From individuality to team cooperation

Neuroleadership Applied to Change Management and Leadership of Work Teams

The leadership system that accompanies your different management processes.

  • Initiative
  • Execution
  • Intrapreneur


1. Leadership by example at all levels.

2. A leadership system that accompanies the security system.

3. Improved interpersonal skills of all line management.

4. Increased field presence.

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