mujeres empoderadas sofia hernandez ejemplo de constancia y superacion

Empowered women: Sofía Hernández, an example of perseverance and self-improvement

October 19, 2022

(MAKRO Group Press) – In MAKRO Group we want to encourage more women to pursue their dreams and thus improve their quality of life.

In our school it is already common to see more and more women who want to train as Heavy Equipment Operators, since this profession, with proper training, is a job opportunity that offers excellent income and schedules compared to other activities.

In this opportunity, Sofía Hernández, a student of Hydraulic Excavator, tells us part of her experience during her practical training process.

In Grupo MAKRO we firmly believe that empowering women contributes to the consolidation of gender equality in the professional sphere, an extremely necessary issue for the development of the country.

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