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Conexpo 2020: Caterpillar introduces CAT Command

May 07, 2020

We visited the Caterpillar booth where a whole range of technological solutions were presented, including CAT COMMAND, a remote-controlled long-distance operation system for heavy machinery.

To learn more we interviewed Fred Rio, Product Manager of Technologies at Caterpillar, who explains how an operator sitting in the CAT booth in Las Vegas can operate machinery located in North Carolina, thousands of miles away. “The user, via a mounted remote control station, can connect with up to 5 different machines. Each piece of equipment can be a different size and weight.”

Now operators can be in a comfortable and safe environment, without exposure to jobsite hazards. “CAT Command is very useful for performing work in environments that may have exposure to chemicals that are hazardous to the operator’s health or that may present a natural hazard, such as a high wall or less pleasant environments, such as waste treatment” explains Fred.

With respect to manpower, Fred Rio tells us “we can say that there is an optimization of human resources, since the utilization of human capital is much higher and wider. A great advantage of CAT Command is the possibility of employing a different workforce, for example people with physical problems that prevent them from moving to the machine, people who cannot stand the vibration of the equipment, elderly people”.

Another advantage of this technology is to be able to be much more aggressive with the application of the machine and take greater risks in its use, since we do not have an operator inside the equipment. This allows us to change the processes to carry out work much more quickly.

It is estimated that between July and the end of this year this technology will be available for Front Loaders (926, 930 and 938) and medium excavators of the Next Gen series (through the installation of a Kit). Starting in 2021, CAT Command will be available for D5, D6 and D7 Bulldozers.

Source: mercadovial.tv



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