JCB machinery firm to manufacture parts for respirators

01 June 2020

Faced with the crisis generated by the advance of COVID-19, after the closure of all factories, the global company JCB joins the emergency challenge and will collaborate in the manufacture of parts for respirators. Thus, it is now ready to restart production, this time in a different area, but with the commitment to join the effort in the fight against the coronavirus. This was announced in a press release on Monday, March 30.

The document states that the company will restart production in the cab factory that was closed for almost two weeks and now instead of manufacturing cabs for excavators, the plant was adapted to make special steel structures for a new fan design of the Dyson line, in which a minimum of 10,000 JCB structures are destined to be manufactured, once the brand receives regulatory approval for its design.

The first prototypes were delivered to Dyson after coming off the production line at Cab Systems’ factory in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Manufacturing at the plant was temporarily suspended on March 18, along with eight other JCB UK manufacturing plants, in the wake of the health crisis, but the good news is that mass production of these respirator structures could begin within days.

Commenting on this, company chairman Lord Bamford said, “When the Prime Minister approached us, we were determined to help in any way we could. This project has gone from design to production in a matter of days and I am delighted that we have been able to deploy the skills of our talented engineering, design and manufacturing teams so quickly at a time of national crisis.”


He made this statement after receiving a direct call from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this month to help respond to the shortage of ventilators and thus save lives of patients infected with COVID-19.

So Bamford promised to help, immediately mobilizing the company’s research and engineering team to examine possible ways to provide support and, given that this is a global crisis, they will naturally help with the production of more structures if other countries eventually require the ventilators, he said.

JCB’s response to the call for the development of these respirator components would be the return to work of some 50 employees affected by a prolonged company shutdown, which was announced last week, as the company suspended production at its nine UK plants until at least the end of April.

Source: lanacion.co



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