Comfenalco Antioquia and Makro Group sign training agreement

July 27, 2018.

(Grupo Makro Press).- Grupo Makro strengthens its commercial and educational area with the implementation of a new cooperation agreement with the company Comfenalco Antioquia.

In order to strengthen academic services, Grupo Makro together with the Colombian company Comfenalco – Antioquia, signed a cooperation agreement, which will have as its main objective the training in the operation of heavy machinery, marketing, export and import of heavy machinery for mining, housing and other fields related to the agricultural sector.

Comfenalco will guarantee innovative educational services to affiliated companies, workers and the community in general.

This alliance strengthens education focused on the handling of heavy machinery with quality in Colombia, with the realization of academic, teaching and research activities, as well as service extensions.

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