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Heavy equipment professionals earn excellent incomes

July 02, 2018

The heavy machinery market has reactivated key sectors for the Latin American economy.

With the rebound in the value of metal, the mining industry has become one of the most demanded for investors and production companies; reason why the dynamic area, merits more and more professionals in the handling of heavy machinery.

Grupo Makro joins the Instituto Superior de ingeniería in Panama, to add professionals in the area that increasingly demands more labor force.

Train as a professional in the handling of heavy machinery and obtain sufficient income to project your future and economic stability.

If you want to be part of the professionals that day by day are added to this labor field and continue covering the needs of the market, just come to our headquarters in Penonome, located in the International Mining Training Center, located in the Plaza del Sol Mall, next to Sertracen. Register now!



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