MAKRO Group and La Gran Colombia University to train heavy machinery operators

December 03, 2017

(Press MAKRO Group) – MAKRO Group, International School of Heavy Machinery Operation and La Gran Colombia University, signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of launching the leading institution in training professionals in heavy equipment operation in Latin America in the coffee-growing country in the middle of this month.

The agreement, which was signed by Walber Castillo, CEO President of Grupo MAKRO and Santiago Castro Agudelo, Rector of Universidad La Gran Colombia, provides for the provision of the facilities of the university campus located in Chía, Cundinamarca, 10 kilometers north of Bogotá, which will serve as a training center for future heavy equipment operators.

The information was provided by Walber Castillo, CEO President of Grupo MAKRO, who indicated that as a highlight of the signing of the aforementioned agreement is that professionals who are trained in the institution of certified operators will receive the endorsement of the Colombian university.

“The graduates of our heavy machinery operator courses will have the certification endorsed by the Universidad La Gran Colombia and of course Grupo MAKRO, which means that they will obtain a university degree certification, thus expanding their possibilities in the labor field,” he mentioned.

Likewise, he indicated that the facilities have a field where the practices with real machinery will be carried out, this, after going through the training phase with high-tech simulators, as it is planned the implementation of four devices of last generation to provide a complete training in the certification of students.

He added that students studying architecture and engineering at the Colombian higher education institution must take the course in order to acquire knowledge and thus be able to efficiently organize and manage the operation and maintenance of heavy machinery to increase their productivity, reliability and profitability.

(Text: Nathaly Tuaty/ Photos: Grupo MAKRO)



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