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Makro Group performs Heavy Machinery practices in Felipillo

March 06, 2018.

(Press MAKRO Group).- Complying with the training plan in various areas of Panama, the MAKRO Group, conducted practices of Heavy machinery in the town of Felipillo.

The training work will continue every weekend. These practices are aimed at the use of heavy machinery in the development of activities in the industrial sector.

The MAKRO group is not only concerned with teaching the art of handling vehicles, but also prepares professionals capable of recognizing the mechanical systems that compose them, as well as the entire control panel of the cabin, application of the controls and the minimum and maximum ranges of operation.

The important occupation of heavy machinery operator is a solution for those who do not have the opportunity to enter higher education. However, this activity is in great demand in the Panamanian labor market.

Come to our facilities to learn about the excellent curricula with the highest educational quality standards in the market, with all the tools for the preparation of operators with the necessary skills to face great professional challenges.

(Text: Nathaly Tuaty/ Photos: Grupo Makro)



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