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MAKRO Group and Escuela de Manejo Vial QUICE S.A. announce strategic alliance agreement

May 14, 2021

(Press MAKRO Group) – MAKRO Group and QUICE S.A. Road Driving School have established a strategic alliance agreement in order to help our graduates in the processing of the Type I professional license, a prerequisite for the handling of heavy equipment in Panama.

Specifically, as indicated by Walber Castillo, CEO President of Grupo MAKRO, the two schools will establish a system for the exchange of information and thus encourage future professionals in the handling of Heavy Equipment to be up to date with all that is established in the current legal regulations of the Transit and Land Transportation Authority.

The agreement establishes that MAKRO Group will deliver the list of students who have completed and passed the course of Heavy Machinery Operator and have their certificate, to QUICE S.A. Road School, who will be responsible for carrying out the necessary procedures to be granted the respective professional licenses as long as the applicants pass the theoretical and practical tests in SERTRACEN.

Likewise, the Escuela Vial QUICE S.A. will provide the applicants with the fees for the necessary procedures in order to carry out the process properly and successfully.

It should be noted that the Escuela Vial QUICE S.A. is endorsed by the Autoridad de Transito y Transporte Terrestre as an authorized entity for driving courses and processing of professional and private licenses.

Finally, through this agreement, the two companies will contribute to the graduates of the school of heavy machinery operation to be integral professionals who have all their credentials and can make their way in such a lucrative world.

Text: Nathaly Tuaty / Photo: Grupo Makro