Excavator or Backhoe? Find out which one is best suited for your project

June 03, 2021

(MAKRO Group Press) – Excavators and/or backhoe loaders are used on every construction site. Choosing one or the other will depend on the terrain, the volume of earth to be moved and the type of work to be done. They are also useful in many other jobs.

While it is true that both equipment have some similarities and are composed of almost the same basic elements, there are differences between them that will help you decide when to use one or the other, let’s know those key aspects:


As for excavators, it is more common to find them on tracks and depending on the type of work or use, on tires. Backhoe loaders, you will always find them on tires. The distance you need to travel and the terrain where you will be working are key to deciding on one or the other.

Turning capacity:

Most excavators can rotate through 360°, which makes them the equipment with the greatest turning capacity. On the other hand, backhoes generally to rotate 360° require more space to mobilize, which increases their operating cycle.

Digging angle:

Both backhoes and excavators have an arm that ends in a bucket, which can be used to dig or move earth. The difference here is the reach and size of the bucket in relation to the surface position. While backhoe shovels are better handled in excavations located below the machine, due to the reach of its arm and the use of stabilizers, excavators are more effective on surfaces located at the same level, or that require greater radial reach having, in addition, greater load capacity.

Most common jobs for an excavator:

Due to the possibility of attaching attachments and accessories, excavators are more commonly used in jobs such as concrete drilling, canal and river cleaning. They are also used for demolition of buildings, gravel cementing, rock crushing, forestry clearing, repair, construction and preparation of earth slopes.

Work performed with a backhoe loader:

Backhoes, meanwhile, are used to make ramps, open trenches to install pipes or cables, move earth, perform land clearing and prepare land for laying building foundations. Especially in urban areas.

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