Virtual Reality: An Allied Tool in our Heavy Equipment Operator Courses

June 21, 2021

(Press MAKRO Group). – MAKRO Group, International School of Heavy Machinery Operation, with a view to providing a complete and innovative training process implements virtual technology in its heavy equipment operator courses, making available to our students the use of modern simulators for learning the handling and driving of equipment for the construction and mining sectors, this, in order to become familiar and know the controls of the control panel learning the correct operating procedures before performing the training on real machines, thereby ensuring the acquisition of safe habits in the handling of different mechanisms.

With the implementation of virtual reality in our courses we optimize the practice time and reduce the risk of accidents in the initial stages of training.


– The simulators have two screens and real platform movement so users will perceive the accelerations and sudden movements that occur in the real machine, thus generating greater confidence when going out to the practice field.

– Practice of difficult maneuvers in different terrains (wet, slippery) so that the user perceives a greater sense of realism and immersion during learning.

– Several types of weather situations that can be critical in the real world are implemented, such as low visibility on a very cloudy day or at night, allowing future operators to obtain skills in this type of scenarios.

– Recreation of tasks that are not possible to reproduce in real machines (introduction of breakdowns, work under stressful conditions, high-risk situations) that can result in serious material and personal damages, generating in them confidence to face and control this type of realities.

Text and Photos: MAKRO Group




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