Hydraulic Excavator practices begin in Panama City

July 26, 2021

(MAKRO Group Press) – A group of 14 young people started the practical training module corresponding to the Hydraulic Excavator operation course dictated in Panama City.

The classes included theoretical training including instruction on heavy machinery simulators such as excavators, which allows the student to practice the correct operation techniques safely and without risk, before starting their operation on the real machinery.

Once the practical training period is over, students will take a knowledge test to finally receive a certificate that certifies them as Heavy Machinery Operator in the specialty of Hydraulic Excavator, a certificate that has international endorsement, which will open the doors to a wide labor market.

Grupo MAKRO has become the leading school in the training of Heavy Equipment Operators, with more than 20 courses in different machinery and presence in 9 countries, standing out for its commitment to the safety of its students.

Text and Photos: Grupo MAKRO




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