New operators in the handling of Hydraulic Excavators

September 12, 2021

(MAKRO Group Press) – A new group of young people successfully completed the heavy machinery course in the specialty of Hydraulic Excavator.

It is worth noting the female participation in our heavy machinery courses, where it is increasingly common to see women interested in becoming certified as operators of these large machines, breaking paradigms and demonstrating that they are also suitable for performing tasks historically considered only for men.

During the course, which is divided into three modules, Safety, Maintenance and Practices, the new certified operators acquired knowledge related to machine operation and safety in the various operations, as well as the care of the work tool and preventive maintenance.

Finally, upon completion of the practical course, the graduates will be able to operate heavy equipment used in construction and maintenance of roads, bridges and other open pit constructions and be employed by construction companies, heavy equipment contractors, public works, sawmills and cargo handling companies.

Text and Photos: Grupo MAKRO




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