nuestras certificaciones cuentan con la aprobacion oficial del gobierno panameno

Grupo MAKRO certifications have official approval from the Panamanian Government

October 29, 2021

(Press MAKRO Group) – MAKRO Group is part of the short list of institutions officially authorized by the Panamanian government to issue theoretical and practical certifications in the handling of heavy equipment.

In the country there were only two institutions with this authorization, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and the National Institute of Vocational Training and Training for Human Development (INADEH).

Therefore, our graduates will now be able to immediately process their Type I license by simply presenting the diploma that certifies them as a certified Heavy Equipment Operator graduated from Grupo MAKRO to the competent authorities.

It should be noted that the Type I license authorizes its holder to drive heavy equipment vehicles such as excavators.

Requirements to obtain the Type I License:

According to the Transit and Land Transportation Authority of Panama these are the requirements you must fulfill to obtain your Type I License:

– Request Vehicle Electronic Peace and Clearance

– Certification of good physical and mental health, issued by a medical professional.

– Submit to theoretical and practical exams according to the procedure established by the Authority of Transit and Land Transportation.

– To undergo auditive and visual examinations

– To take the training course dictated by the Authority of Transit and Land Transportation or its authorized agent, in which it is accredited that the applicant is apt to drive the type of vehicle corresponding to the application.

– Have at least two (2) years of experience with type C or D licenses.

– Not to have accumulated more than thirty-five (35) points for traffic violations in the two (2) years prior to the application.

-Negative result in the drug consumption test.

In Grupo MAKRO we invite you to train as a Heavy Equipment operator and enter a market with great labor demand.

Text and Photo: Grupo MAKRO



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