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MAKRO Group certified operators in various machineries in Antioquia Colombia

January 06, 2022

(Press MAKRO Group) – MAKRO Group, International School of Operation, Maintenance, Repair and Management of Heavy Machinery closed the month of December 2021 with the certification of operators in various machinery under the agreement signed between Comfenalco Antioquia and MAKRO Group.

The courses were given in different municipalities of western Antioquia and corresponded to the modalities of Hydraulic Excavator, Backhoe Loader and Motor Grader.

During the training, the participants were able to acquire the necessary skills for the safe handling and use of the different machines, thus achieving greater autonomy and efficiency in the work with this type of construction machinery, which increases productivity and efficiency during the work performance.

The good practices acquired, thanks to this eminently practical training, also make it possible to avoid and reduce occupational risks derived from machine operations, and to focus on the proper use and maintenance of the machine, maximizing productivity and fuel efficiency, avoiding costly downtime and providing the trainees with advantages in their final results.

Increased participation of women

One of the constants during this round of courses was the participation of women, who are showing more and more interest in the handling of heavy equipment, breaking all kinds of schemes and demonstrating that they are also apt to perform jobs that were previously considered only for men.

They have demonstrated their talent to operate in large projects that lead the development of the country, in addition to this experience will improve their lives, also open new opportunities in the sector where only 5% are women, and in particular, for the construction sector with only 3% of participation, and focused on unskilled labor activities.

For Grupo MAKRO, one of the main objectives is to train women to have the same job opportunities as men, so that they can be an example of improvement in their communities and strengthen their leadership skills, becoming an example for future generations.

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Successful year-end

2021 was a very full year for Grupo MAKRO and today we see a resounding result as new operators continue to join the more than 9 thousand graduates of our school, which has been characterized by training professionals 100 percent trained in the operation of heavy equipment with international certification.

We are happy to hear their testimonials, they will transform the training and opportunities we provide into great tools to enhance their projects and grow.

Finally, the invitation is for all those who are interested and wish to make a professional career in construction and mining to enroll and improve their quality of life by opening a field in a market with great labor demand.

Text and Photos: Grupo MAKRO

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