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Meet the Doosan Bobcat T7X, the electric heavy machinery

February 03, 2022

(MAKRO Group Press).- This is the world’s first electric trascabo (shovel loader tractor); he is shaping up to be the best worker of the day, the most efficient and the cleanest.

The company specializing in heavy machinery, Doosan Bobcat, has brought its new electric trascabo called T7X, the first of its kind in the world, to the CES in Las Vegas.

The brand ensures that this little warrior will be the new tireless companion of those arduous work days, because with a 62 kW lithium-ion battery, it is capable of operating a full day. The supplier of this battery is the specialist Green Machine, who ensures that with it the energy flow is guaranteed to be constant, so it is no longer necessary to wait for the hydraulic components to “charge” before continuing to work.

Doosan Bobcat also assures that the greatest benefits of the T7X are found right when carrying out heavy work, because in addition to being efficient, it will also save operation and maintenance costs:

By not using a diesel engine, it is much quieter.

  • It does not generate as much vibration as a conventional trascarbo.
  • Reduces polluting diesel emissions.
  • Saves fuel, oil and hydraulic system consumable costs.
  • You only need a quarter of coolant (a diesel transfer needs 259 litres).

The T7X has an energy management system that allows it to work continuously for 4 hours, while in “intermittent mode” it can work a full day. Said management system detects the load level and energy demand in order to optimize its duration.

This electric trascabo will be offered with a package of accessories, also electric: drill, broom and two types of pliers for holding objects and materials.

Doosan Bobcat already has a commercial agreement with the Sunbelt Rentals company through which a large fleet of these vehicles will be made available to customers this year.


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