nuevos operadores en el manejo de montacargas

New certified operators in the management of Forklifts

February 21, 2022

(Press MAKRO Group) – The great family of MAKRO Group continues to grow with the completion of the course in the forklift modality dictated at our headquarters located in Colombia, where new operators were certified in the handling of such useful and demanded machinery.

The theoretical/practical course, which is part of the agreement signed between Comfenalco Antioquia and MAKRO Group, focused on the principles of safety, equipment care and correct operation techniques.

During the course the participants acquired knowledge about the components of the machinery, as well as the rules and procedures to operate it safely, developing the ability to identify work risks and prevent accidents, avoiding damage to the equipment, facilities and product.

The new operators will be able to correctly interpret the operation and maintenance manual, as well as the equipment controls, making the correct use of the warning signs. They will also have all the expertise to perform loading activities and other activities typical of the skid steer loader.

For Grupo MAKRO the commitment is to continue offering young people real and attractive opportunities for improvement so that they can achieve a rapid insertion into the labor market and thus improve their quality of life.

Text and Photos: Grupo MAKRO

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