operadores de la mina buritica de zijin continental colombia participan en segundo proceso de formacion

Operators of the Buriticá mine from Zijin-Continental Gold Colombia participate in the second training process

April 04, 2022

(Press Grupo Makro) .- As part of the corporate services offered by Grupo Makro, operators from the Buriticá mine of Zijin-Continental Gold Colombia received training in the hydraulic excavator modality.

The objective of the training, the second one that is carried out by Comfenalco Antioquia, was to potentialize knowledge in new technological advances, always doing emphasis on the correct use of security teams, which leads to a more effective performance in The work area.

For Grupo MAKRO, the adoption of an optimal security program protects the most valuable resource of a company, its employees, while having a positive impact on productivity.

We will continue to share good security practices in both the mining and construction sectors, since our premise has always been “security is first” and we strive to build a solid culture of security.

Finally, it should be noted that the Buriticá Mine, Zijin-Continental Gold, is the most important large-scale gold underground mining development of Colombia. La Mina is located in the municipality of Buritica, in the northwestern of Antioquia. Buriticá is one of the largest high purity gold projects in the world and its production phase began in the second semester of 2020. It has mineral reserves of 3.7 million ounces of gold with 8.4 g / t of gold (13.7 million tons).

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