conoce la grua todoterreno mas grande del mundo fabricada por XCMG

Meet the world's largest all-terrain crane manufactured by XCMG

November 16, 2022

(MAKRO Group Press) – Machinery manufacturer XCMG has tested its new all-terrain crane model called XCA2600, which is considered to be the world’s largest crane in its class with a capacity of 2,600 tons. The tests were successfully executed, completing the lifting of a 173-ton load prior to its planned delivery to a wind farm in China, where it will be responsible for installing turbines.

With a maximum lifting height of 160 meters, this vehicle is the tallest all-terrain crane in the world and outperforms the competition by 20%. In addition, its maximum load moment rating reaches 5372 ton-meters and it employs a total counterweight of 340 tons to control the vehicle’s stability.

The XCA2600 is the first crane to use a 3.5-meter wide ten-axle chassis, which together with other structures and technologies such as the patented independent suspension and live axle system, provides vehicle stability.

In the words of XCMG Crane’s chief engineer Shan Zenghai, one of the biggest challenges facing this class of vehicle will be balance:
“It can be difficult for large cranes to strike a balance between achieving high lifting capacity and moving comfortably, especially for those that need to install wind turbines at a height of 160 meters. Achieving this requires technological innovation and dedication to the customer and their needs for height, accessibility and safety.”

XCMG has seen a substantial improvement in the development of its products, especially in terms of cranes, since in less than 10 years of its incursion it has managed to go from a capacity of less than 800 tons to position itself in vehicles of 2,600 tons.

Currently, the company has sold more than 100 vehicles of this class with capacities of more than 1,200 tons, which have been used to install more than 15,000 wind turbines.

It is in the wind energy industry where there is a great acceptance for all-terrain cranes of high dimensions since the turbines that are installed usually reach 260 meters and special attention is given to both height and the wingspan of these turbines since they are associated with the performance of the generators.

With information from: Forbes



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