innovacion en maquinaria pesada prioriza el cuidado del medio ambiente

Innovation in heavy machinery prioritizes environmental care

August 01, 2022

(MAKRO Group Press) – New technologies applied in heavy machinery are allowing the creation of highly profitable equipment in terms of fuel consumption, engine performance, hydraulic control and monitoring through geolocation, which allows greater productivity and less effort.

These technological innovations focus on the engine, so that it performs the same work with less fuel consumption and fewer polluting emissions, thus improving the operation of the machine, while reducing the impact on the environment. It is estimated that, with this modification, there is a saving of up to 40% in fuel and a reduction in operating costs.

Another innovation has to do with the hydraulic controller that regulates the hydraulic power, this work, together with the engine controller, improves the productivity and efficiency of the machinery.

In addition, real-time equipment monitoring allows the manufacturer, distributor and owner to correct, verify and optimize the work performed by the machinery through a mobile application.

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