maxcontrol el smartphone para las maquinarias pesadas

Maxcontrol the smartphone for heavy machinery

August 15, 2022

(MAKRO Group Press) – Technological advances are constant, helping different industries to innovate in their products or services. This is the case of heavy machinery, where the main brands in the world market want to adapt to technologies to launch models that improve the quality of life of users.

Last year the MaxControl system was launched for several brands of heavy machinery such as forklifts. Machines with which we carry out asphalting, earthmoving or excavation work.

The MaxControl system offers a plug and play remote control solution, which can be downloaded from the IOS (Apple) operating system. Where a smartphone is used to control the loading machinery. This ensures that users who operate these types of vehicles can do so remotely.

These are some of the benefits: It is not necessary to be inside the machine to open doors, park, load or unload materials. This provides more safety to operators and a more efficient work.

So far, the system has only been deployed in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, but it is expected to reach countries in Latin America to make work easier for operators.

What is needed for MaxControl to work?

All you need for this system is a smartphone. On the other hand, you need a good internet connection so that the machine does not fail while you are doing the work. It is important to be able to have a control of the network connection to do a good job.

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